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01-14-2004, 19:15
I've heard there will be a new hostel opening in PA. for the new season. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? I'd appreciate any info. Thanks.

01-14-2004, 21:14
Haven't heard officially of a new hostel, but you may be refering to "the Hovel" that opened this year, run by a outdoorsy young couple who serve gourmet meals and basically let thru-hikers stay in their cottage on a donation basis. I was too stupid to stop here, but many made me regret it, continuing to talk about it many miles north abuot how good the food, accomadations and hospitality is.
It may be "new" because it wasn't listed in the companion or handbook last year. I don't know if it is listed in this years or whether they plan to keep it running this year, or publish info on it. The info was posted at trailheads in PA for hikers to spread word of mouth. I won't let out the location in case the folks want to keep it word of mouth, however this may be a very good possible stay if you're hiking thru PA this summer.

Moon Monster
01-15-2004, 00:24
Deer Path Farm was open for early NOBOs this year. Lucy Seyler hikes a couple thousand miles on various trails every summer/fall (she went to Colo. this year), so she was wanting to give something to fellow long-distance hikers. Her husband Tim was gracious enough to go along with the plan.

They converted a building into "The Hovel" and they have tentative plans to eventually build a different building when they eventually move into a new home further back on their property. I must say, they will give Bob Peoples a run for the best hostel on the trail if they continue to operate year after year the way it was when I was there. Basically, they opened their home to hikers. I was about the 35th hiker through this year, so they had not been very burdened yet. I imagine they may have a different perspective after the crush went through--but, they were only staying open through the end of June, so not all NOBOs in 2003 had the option of staying there.

The Seylers had an open home. They did our laundry in their machine, they fed us out of their kitchen, their TV was available for us to watch, their home computer was available to us, and we showered in their house shower. Lucy cooked a full breakfast and dinner, and all the leftovers from previous days were available right out of their fridge to us. Tim even shared some Yuenglings which are brewed in the next town over. The Hovel had comfortable bunks with real mattresses and down quilts. Lucy had lots of old clothes to wear while laundry was being done. She had drinks and pre-packed snacks available for a small donation. The whole stay was for donation.

I really can't imagine the Seylers will operate year after year like this for hundreds and hundreds of hikers. For one, there really is no room in the queue for the shower, laundry, etc. if more than 6 or 8 hikers show up at the same time, and I imagine 20 or more would have shown up later in the season. I imagine they will modify things as they learn the workings of the AT community; they may have modified things as 2003 went along.

They advertised with fliers at the welcome center in Boiling Springs (for NOBOs). Their location is almost a substitute (~1/2 day away) for the 501 or Port Clinton.

Don't worry about all this though, if they are open in 2004, they will likely advertise what they have when you get to Boiling Springs.

03-05-2006, 08:19
Any recent updates for the Deer Path Farm? Consumer reports would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Sky Rider

05-07-2006, 07:06
I asked about this hostel by name when we reached the Boiling Springs AT office last week but the lady on duty didn'y know anything about it. Any updates from you hikers out there in PA?

Sky Rider

05-21-2006, 17:25
Hey All,
I'm Amy (maybabie) and hubby Fritz the cat. We are a new hostel & shuttle service right off the 501 mountain in Pine Grove (NOT P.G. Furnace state park). We offer shuttle service in town to doctor,dentist,mail,bank,pizza,pharmacy or what ever you need. The Hostel is a single room with 2 beds and CLEAN COZY sheets,hot shower,laundry(extra) and Cont. breakfast. (25.00 a person/bed) If weather permitted a dip in the pool to cool off can be arranged. We also to slack-packing to shuttles farther down or up the trail at reasonable rates. All we ask is that you phone ahead of time for availablity. 570-345-1119 leave message.We are pet friendly as long as your pet is friendly:)

Be safe and happy hiking this season, Fritz & Amy Holland-Colbert