View Full Version : Jetboil Fuel Life?

Jail Break
03-07-2008, 17:31
Anyone who has used a Jetboil on the Trail... How many days average has the 3.5 oz "nesting" size fuel canister lasted you?

03-07-2008, 17:42
Using it to boil water only, I've never run out in 5 day streches using it to boil about 3.5L per day. If I remember correctly, it's supposed to do 18L to 20L so I was probably close to the limit. It will vary in very cold conditions, I'm sure.

03-07-2008, 17:51
I always carried an extra cannister.. It is hard to predict... In Damascus I dumped it for an alchy

03-07-2008, 19:14
I've gotten about 10-12 days doing 2-two cup boils per day. That's having the water in the cup and in place when you fire it up, and shutting it off immediately when boil reached. If you simmer-cook anything in it, then obviously your days will be reduced. I also always carry an extra full one.