View Full Version : Chiefdaddy party time

03-08-2008, 14:45
Not only m I having a blast and am at cloud9 after hiking in to dick's creek this morning from deep gap...the kicker is Ron Haven and the Cloud9 bunch are gonna shuttle us to neel's gap for the BIG W's B Day Bash :D
It's been a great week and only had to carry Chief for 2 half days of bad weather.

The Snow this morning was killer....except for the having to haul Chief ect :D

Hope to see more of you out here!

ChiefDaddy and Chief

Appalachian Tater
03-08-2008, 14:55
Where are the pics of Chief???? Have fun.

03-08-2008, 15:00
check survivor dave's post for springer parking pics of chief wrongway and myself.

Appalachian Tater
03-27-2008, 16:33
There are tons of great pics of him now. The first couple he was balled up asleep and I was worried but obviously he was having a blast! Nice hoodie, too!