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Bruce Hudson
03-09-2008, 18:07
My $100 REI hiking boots are coming apart-- not the boot's fault, my huge, rigid arch supports cause the stitching to pull lose. So I'm breaking in a new pair of Vasque Summit Boots.

My question has to pertains to cleaning and waterproofing. I know I can buy some $8 cans of this and that at REI, but what's wrong with old fashioned saddle soap, shoe polish and Mink Oil? That failing I'll bet Red Wing sells some cheaper waterproof treatments. Anything I should be worried about?



03-09-2008, 18:28
I believe most leather used in boots today is chrome tanned. Using any type of oil or grease on these will turn the leather to mush. If the leather were tanned using oil, then it would be OK.

Chrome tanning requires silicone wax waterproofing. SnowSeal is still good, Nikwax is good and a bit easier to apply properly.

03-09-2008, 18:29
Have you checked the Vasque website for their recommendations? Seems like a good place to start. ;)

03-09-2008, 18:54
This thread reminded me of something that happened afew years ago: I was pretty upset when it happened, but laugh about it today. My girlfriend jammed a can of aerosol hairspray w/o a cap into a bag with my Lowa Tempest hikers. Things got pushed around and the hairspray unloaded into my right shoe. It's stiff as a board, but water can't penetrate it... On a more serious note. I've had success with Aqua Seal, Sno Seal, and Nikwax. I had originally treated the Lowa's with a liquid nikwax .
Always check manufacturer's suggested treatment !! Know What not to use !!
Happy Trails !!!!!!!!!! BrotherAL