View Full Version : Burningtown Gap

01-19-2004, 15:44
Has anyone driven up to the trail crossing at Burningtown Gap (about 13 miles south of the NOC)?? I'm headed down that way this spring with some friends who will be paddling on the Nantahala. Since I'm not a boater, I'd like to do the section from there to the NOC as a dayhike. According to the Nantahana Hiking Club site the road up to the gap starts as gravel but ends as a dirt track that is sometimes passable by car, sometimes only by 4WD vehicle. Any first hand info is greatly appreciated, Thanks.

01-19-2004, 16:36
Last summer I drove there in a minivan...no problem. It's a nice hike from there to the NOC. Have a good time!

01-19-2004, 17:13
I have never driven in myself but I have seen alotof VANS drive in and park...
I did some apple picking there this past fall when I walk thru and there were cars there then...roads can be washed out from winter snow and spring rain