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03-11-2008, 19:25
Hi. I am Squire, wrongway 08 sent me to this site. Help, I need to get off the trail around Roanoke VA around April 17 or 18 and return to Masssachusetts for a week. I will be returning to the trail. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get to DC to get a plane? Train? Bus? Shuttle to Train at Clifton Forge? Or direct to Mass from Roanoke? Thanks in advance for the help. Peace, Squire:sun

03-11-2008, 19:34
Squire, good times so far! Hope to run into you on the trail again, I will be taking advantage of the warm sheets in the morning, so you'll be on the trail before I even wake up. Happy hiking, be safe and enjoy!!!!

- Wrongway_08

03-11-2008, 20:45
squire, there's an airport in Roanoke. PM Hikerhead, he lives out there and would be happy to help if he's available.