View Full Version : Sharing my thrill

01-20-2004, 08:53
I am going to start my section hike of the AT this July. During the long weekend, I went to the trail head at Hoyt Road in NY just before it gets into CT! It was a thrilling experience to sit there and think about how I will be doing the trail and how many people have already passed by that point and the number of people that will pass by that point.

01-20-2004, 12:25
My wife and daughter give me a hard time for going out of my way to point out where we're crossing the AT every time we head back east. I get such a kick out of remembering when I passed by a certain area.

I did a 17-mile day hike through surprisingly deep, early April snow that ended at Hoyt Road a few years ago. On my return to the motel, I clearly remembered when I finished Connecticut 25 years earlier and walked to the greasy spoon diner in Webatuck to get picked up by my partner's father.

Last summer, my family had a reunion in Killington, and I took folks up and down the Green Mountains to show them some of the more interesting Long Trail crossings (namely Mt. Horrid and the Mill River crossing). My family allows me a few foibles.