View Full Version : Another MontBell Opinon-are

03-12-2008, 21:28
For those that have a montbell U.L SS Down Hugger #3 or #2, I would like to know your opinions of its versatility, confort rating, & troubles you have had. Im a proud owner of a #3 but haven't had the opprotunity to test it out yet.

I would also like to know how cold you have slept in it, If its a #2, 3, ect. Do you sleep in layers or use a liner...

Inquiring minds wanna know:D....

Survivor Dave
03-12-2008, 21:33
YAZOO, Here is a link to a list of ALL the stuff you want to know about Mont-Bell at WhiteBlaze.

I think you'll find an answer there.