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kayak karl
03-13-2008, 00:21
I weighted my ATC maps and they are 4lb 11oz's. i figured if i broke this down to about 8 drops it wouldn't be too bad. i'm doing no other planned drops so i will add some items to these. i'm thinking of using hostels and outfitters rather then P.O. Any ideas?
3 places i am stopping are Delaware Gap, Harper Ferry, Damascus

i took the WB map list and flipped it

hammock engineer
03-13-2008, 00:40
That's kind of what I did last year. I only maildropped maps and replacement gear. I threw in food just because I was going to the PO anyways.

One thing that really helped me was I numbered my maps 1 started at Big K thru Springer. I then put the numbers in my guide book. Then I could tell the people at home to mail me maps 5 through 10 or whatever. I roughly planned on mailling them to PO's that where close to the trail.

If you have people that are dependable and wanting to help, I would go that route. If it helps here is what I think I did.

Monson, ME Not a great resupply. A good place to restock from a maildrop on everything used in the wilderness.

Gorhem, NH

Cheshire, MA the trail goes right past a PO
or Dalton, MA really close again

Front Royal, VA
Hot Springs, NC
Hawiwase, GA

There was definitly more, but I can't remember.

03-13-2008, 02:03
Why not think a little harder about this and if you want to send maps somewhere, send them to where it would be most useful (not much in the way of resupply towns): Port Clinton PA, Glencliffe NH, Atkins VA, etc.