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01-20-2004, 14:27
I started backpacking last year and have done several overniters throughout GA. I feel I am equipped for them and am now looking into doing some two, three, possibly four night trips. I really want to do the ASP to Neels Gap section of the AT to see what it is really like out there. So my questions to the board are: 1) would you recommend that section to begin with (I have done the approach trail but nothing further)? 2) Just how a) cold and b) crowded is it in Feb. in the mountains (I have been out in about 35 temps before with no problems)? I plan on going by myself. So, I was wondering how many people would be around if something were to go wrong. And finally, 3) just how important is it to have the maps and handbooks for a short trip like this? Thanks in advance for the help. ~ Darren