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03-13-2008, 18:51
Well, it finally came today - my North Carolina Appalachian Trail license plate! I ordered a personalized plate and I got one alright.

Check this out...... when you order a personalized AT plate you get to select 3 different 4 character combinations.

Mine were:


As it turns out, a nice lady named Ann from the DMV called me and told me I needed to pony up $43.50 in addition to the $60 the plate costs because my current registration was due for renewal.

While I had her on the phone I asked her about my selections and she said the only one available was MINS.

As you can see, MINS was not an option - it was MTNS. She looked, and said, "Oh, It's a good thing you asked because I was going to submit MINS and by the way, MTNS is taken so none of your picks will work. When you send in the $43.50 send it to my attention with some other choices and we'll try again.".

So, I did.... I sent in my $43.50 with 3 more picks.

And, today I received my very own personalized ATC license plate. Know what it says????

It says "MINS"

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I can't stand it... now what?

Appalachian Tater
03-13-2008, 18:59
Put it on your car upside down, and it will spell "SNIW".

03-13-2008, 19:03
Put it on your car upside down, and it will spell "SNIW".

;) Funny.

Caveman of Ohio
03-13-2008, 19:08
minimally invasive no scalpel

03-13-2008, 19:13
LOL... looks like your picks were taken again. Should have taken a number. Good luck dealing with the DMV.

Midway Sam
03-13-2008, 20:13
Look on the bright side, it coulda said MILF. I actually saw that on a BMW 325 convertible driven by a SERIOUSLY attractive blonde around the age of 35 or 40. I've seen it around town one other time but never have my camera with me.

03-14-2008, 16:40
Funny. I hate to be a downer on all this, but the state legislatures IMO waste a lot of time and money on these vanity tags and what is allowed and what isn't. I guess the tags bring in enough revenue to justify the cost. I don't see the point of one, personally, although I have to agree that MTNS would be pretty cool. Several years ago the Virginia legislature spent a while discussing whether Jimmy Buffett fans deserved a vanity tag, because a few of the out-of-it legislators apparently thought Jimmy was a drug-abusing threat to our youth. That was finally approved, so all you Parrotheads can relax. But in VA, you can also get one with a little confederate flag as part of the Sons of Confederate Veterans tag, and one with a tobacco leaf, the Tobacco Heritage tag. I actually like that one.

03-14-2008, 16:44
take some contracting colored tape and tape in a top bar for the "T"

03-14-2008, 16:46
jsut buy a bike and forget the car and the plates