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03-16-2008, 19:59
I am sort of new to hiking. I've never done an overnight hike. I have done day hikes for fishing before, hike up in the early morning and hike down in the evening.

I'm looking for input on some of you that have GPS and can offer up some input. I'm looking for it to do the following/has the following features:

1) hiking - some of the trails I want to hike are not always as easily marked at the AT or other popular trails. These are mostly trails to seldom visited streams.
2) geocaching - while i'm out hiking/fishing, why not?
3) for driving - not necessarily turn by turn - more of an added bonus
4) has an altimeter and compass -
5) has ability to accept memory cards
6) is mapping
7) can mark trails and many waypoints
8) can except external GPS antennae - this is also more of an added bonus.

I have been eyeballing the garmin GPSMap 76csx and lowrance ifinder expendition C (though it looks like the i finder hunt c is the exact same as the expedition except it has additional hunting icons and a camo case).
The Garmin GPSMap offers turn-by-turn but i've been reading it's not as accurate as other models. The Lowrance models mentioned do not do turn-by-turn but have all of the other features.

I'm looking at both vendors with the mapping software included instead of purchasing that separately for cost reasons. both are priced about the same.

Anyone have either? use either? know of any pros/cons of either?

thanks in advance

- Dan M

03-16-2008, 21:40
If you are looking at the 76, consider the 60CSX. The only main difference is waterproof/floating on the 76... I use Mapsource 2008, which is the latest version and find it spot on for directions. I live at the dead end of a dirt road (more like an easement) and its on there! Was not on previous versions... Use it for driving, caching, trails, tracks... all around good piece of technology.