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03-17-2008, 13:20
Okay, I only see one chance to get out on the trail this summer. I live in Illinois, so it's not real easy. I am looking for an eighty to 100 mile section to hike. It'll be in late July or August.

If this situation was presented to any of you, which section would you recommend. I am open to all ideas. Recently I have focused on the Whites and certain areas of North Carolina, however I am open to any suggestions.

03-17-2008, 13:32
100 Mile Wilderness

Time To Fly 97
03-17-2008, 13:45
100 mile wilderness is awesome (as stated previously). Another great section for you may be:

Glastonbury, Killington and Stratton mountains in VT. Fire towers on each (can camp in them if you are lucky and the caretaker gives you a nod). Great water sources. Stratton ski gondola free to hikers - good breakfast in Stratton Village. The Inn at Long Trail (off the trail a mile in Killington) has some of the best Guinness and Irish music (some evenings) period. Some challenging climbs where you can see the whole progression from hardwood to heavy pine to small pines. Bailout point into Bennington. This section is not a total wilderness getaway - good combination.

Happy hiking!


max patch
03-17-2008, 13:47
100 mile wilderness.

After my thru I took my wife to some of my favorite sections on vacations. This was the first place we went. Second place was a trip to the Whites and a paid stay at 2 huts. Third was Grayson Highlands.

Lion King
03-17-2008, 13:50
depends on your ability and how your body fills.

A good all around hike where you will see a few people and have great hikes and views with plenty of town stops if needed would be

Damascus to Pearisburg, or if you could stretch it out to Daleville you could hit Tinker/Knob area as well. (BUT that time of year the bugs suck and its HOT...and sometimes horribly dry--or really wet...)

If your in shape and ready, the strech from Glencliff (Hikers Welcome Hostel) over the whites/prezzies etc...all the way to Gorham where its just a short hop over to Portland to get home, would be great.

If you want your feet to hate you and hurt like balls, then the Port Clinton to Delaware Water gap area, here you will also meet a lot of thru-hiker and have lots of pubs to sooth your pain.

I dont suggest that last stretch though if you just want to enjoy yourself.:D

03-17-2008, 14:04
100 mile wilderness, and if you have time, add Katahdin to that. Doing Katahdin too will probably take you at least 10 days.