View Full Version : Unknown stumbles on a special point of interest

John B
03-20-2008, 14:00
From Unknown's March 11 entry:

"Climbed Brushy Mountain (a good climb) and when I got to the top I was a bit winded. The weather was in the 40's and the winds were pretty strong. Right when I was congratulating myself on getting to the top, I made a right around a bend in the trail. There, less than 20 feet off the trail, was a naked couple in the "heat of passion". I kid you not - for real. They looked at me and I kept on hiking - what else was I supposed to do: take a picture of them? They were laying on a blanket. I guess I could have told them that a Thermarest would be more comfortable. The thing that surprised me most was that the weather was so cold - why would they be doing that there?"

03-20-2008, 14:05
Was it the bald couple?

in the 40s and strong wind?

03-20-2008, 14:10
Reminds me of the woman I run upon one day on Roan Mountain.A lot warmer day I might add.The woman was half jogging,half walking..funny thing..she didnt have anything on but hiking boots..butt naked from the knees up.I dont know who scared who more..me scaring here..or her scaring me.

03-20-2008, 14:11
Was it the bald couple?

in the 40s and strong wind?


03-20-2008, 14:15
John B that happened to me also. Me and my buddies were hiking in Golden Gate Canyon and we came around a bend and a couple were going at it. We just stopped for a second and kinda laughed and kept hiking. One of my buddies had a kind word to say to guy as we hiked by. He just smiled and we just kept hiking. We had a good story that night.

Tipi Walter
03-20-2008, 21:55
It sounds like you had a run-in with the dreaded double-humped red-breasted Dayhiker, not such a rare bird in these parts. Dayhikers are a peculiar sort, progeny of the blue jean, the daypack and the close proximity of a car. But stupid me, I'm ASSUMING they were dayhikers. If they were backpackers, I'll have to reformulate my judgments.

03-20-2008, 23:16
I agree with your assessment Tipi. If they were backpackers they would have used the Thermarest.