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01-22-2004, 18:32
I'm planning on leaving Springer on the last day of Feb. and was wondering what you guys thought about hiking clothes. I've been doing some cold weather dayhikes on the AT around where i live (northern TN/NC) and usually wear a wicking t-shirt with a cheap mid-weight fleece pullover on with it. If it gets pretty chilly while hiking i'll throw on my rain shell for a little extra insulation. This setup keeps me pretty comfortable but i was wanting to invest in something a little better and more packable for my middle layer. I was thinking of something along the lines of the Marmot Driclime windshirt, but i'm not sure. What say you guys who have more experience with cold weather hiking? Also, i know i need more clothes for when i stop for camp and have that taken care of, just wondering what my best option is for that middle hiking layer. Thanks a lot :)

01-22-2004, 19:01
A dri clim wind shirt is a good investment. However, for starting that early, I would also pack along a heavy weight fleece top, not a mid weight top.

Brushy Sage
01-22-2004, 20:37
The weather is very changeable at that time of year, and even in Georgia it can get bitter cold overnight. The heavier fleece sounds like a good idea; seems to me it is better to have a little extra weight than to need it and not have it with you -- and you can mail it home along the way. Don't forget to bring a balaclava. Hope you have a great hike!

01-22-2004, 23:32
Marmot Driclime windshirt is your answer...lighter and much more versatle.
Can be used in light rain and snow and is the answer to summer jacket when on summits or cool nights. Also is great for sleeping in or doing laundry.

When hiking try a silkweight shirt covered with mid-weight zip-T underware top covered by the Driclime. For heavy rain or extreme cold add marmot pre-cip or whatever shell and you are set. Zip halfway down, the precip, Driclime, and Zip-T on the uphills and back up on the downhills and when stopped. You are heat regulated.

I add a WM Flight Jacket for camp, breaks when really cold, etc. or just add a mid-weight/heavy-weight fleece you can send home later.