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03-21-2008, 15:11
Never been there. Would like to go next weekend. What can anyone tell me:

Do they allow hanging?
How is the fishing?
Any good trails?
Any better places very near to go instead?

Thanks for any help :)

03-21-2008, 15:43
Not sure if they allow hammock hanging (I guess that is what your asking), they have a developed campground (water, latrines, picnic tables, etc.). I don't recall there being any fishing, but click on the first link below and call them up. The hiking is ok, but it is mostly touristy hiking, shorter trails. There are some nice waterfalls to check out and Hanging Rock itself has some good views.

If your interested in hiking, check out South Mountain State Park. Better trails, less developed back country type of hiking. Hammocks are ok there.

Hanging Rock:



South Mountain State Park:



03-21-2008, 16:09
Never been there. Would like to go next weekend. What can anyone tell me:

Do they allow hanging?
How is the fishing?
Any good trails?
Any better places very near to go instead?

Thanks for any help :)

There is fishing can't tell you how good.

Lots of good loop trails. I think the longest one is 4.2 miles, there are 5 waterfalls and you can hit all five in a day easy.

Go to there website, the park map gives you an idea of what to expect. Pilot Mountain is nearby but I think the hiking is better at Hanging Rock. I don't think they allow camping except in the campground (no backcountry camping) If you want to use the cmapground get there early on Friday it fills up

03-21-2008, 18:11
Our family has camped at Hanging Rock a few times and really like it. In fact, we spent a Thanksgiving there a few years ago and a couple of raccoons helped themselves to the turkey. ;)

There are some awesome views on some of the trails. It's not a wilderness experience but it rates higher than most any other state park I've been to.

03-22-2008, 18:51
Just got back today from doing Moore's Knob Loop today. Got to the park when the gate opened at 8 AM. We saw 6 turkeys from the road, two males showing off for four females, great site. Up on the trail we saw a pilated woodpecker. Great day!

03-22-2008, 19:46
There are ZERO backcountry campsites. Just a developed campsite for Tenters & RV'ers. You might be able to find trees to hang from there, as it is a wooded campground.

Fishing is possible at the lake. You must have a valid NC fishing permit if you do not live in that county, and are using anything other live bait.


It's a great park for the dayhiking, with great views.

03-23-2008, 22:05
Stone Mountain State Park (Near Elkin, NC) is a much nicer park from a hiking standpoint. Nice trails with nice mountain views. There are several backcountry camping sites that are easy to get to. Nice trout fishing by report (I have never fished there myself).

03-23-2008, 22:34
I have taken the scouts and/or my family to the 3 NC state parks mentioned in this thread.

Hanging Rock SP has no backcountry campsites. You will be able to hang the hammock in the developed sites. Most of the sites are wooded and you should be able to pick your own this time of year. The day hiking is great. Several nice peaks with views and some waterfalls. There is some easy whiteater canoeing in the area. You might want to check out the Sauratown trail. It is a 20-mile horse and walking trail that connects Hanging Rock SP and Pilot Mountain SP.

As was mentioned, Stone Mountain SP has some backcountry camping areas. The trail to the backcountry site is fairly short. The park has a great loop trail over Stone Mountain that connects several waterfalls. One of our scout leaders enjoys trout fishing in the park.

South Mountain SP has some great backcountry camping areas. Lots of streams, one really nice waterfall and some great trails. Most of the sites are open fields. However, you can hang your hammock along the edge. Several of us use hammocks and had no problems finding suitable trees.

The webpage for North Carolina State Parks will tell you everything you need to know. You can download maps for all of the state parks.