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kayak karl
03-23-2008, 14:13
I hear alot of hikers using the word "I" in their posts and journals but, if you were to be honest, how much help was your Trail Angel, Spouse, Family and/or Significant other. Could you have done it without them:-?

How did they help? Drops, visits, calls, moral support, spiritual?

I'm leaving in 2-3 months. Don't think I could do it alone!:sun

03-23-2008, 18:27
I just buy everything and box things and have someone ship 4 of 5 boxes at a time.
Try to keep their work minimal so that you can ask them again for your next hike.

But a better idea (if you are going to use mail drops) is to send out 4 or 5, then when you get to a big town, go buy and box again WHILE you are on the trail.

And use a bounce box for stuff that you are not sure when and where you will need it.
(maybe have a box ready at home to go to Glencliffe NH for NOBO hikers with a bit heavier gear) But try to keep it to a minimum especially if you are going to hike every other year or so.

Spiritual and moral support, well, really, most people don't really understand the spiritual fellings you get out there or they'd be out there too. Morally? not sure what you mean on that one?

Calls? that reminds me, it's Easter, i better call my Mom. later............