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03-25-2008, 13:37
Hey folk’s just one more question for you past PCTers. I am heading north on the PCT this year and I know that the PCT passes through western Yosemite NP. Thought being an avid climber I just have to get into the “valley” I heard of an alternate rout that will lead me west for a day then walk a day through the valley and one more day east back to the trail… is this true? Has any one done the side trip? please help with info (pics or maps, mileage makers, trail names)

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03-25-2008, 18:30
You could hike the last section of the John Muir Trail, west to the Valley after the PCT and JMT seperate and the PCT goes the other way. Then I'm guessing a quick hitch/bus ride would get you back to the road crossing near Toluomne Meadows and back on the PCT. I plan on finishing the JMT to experience Yosemite Valley as well, but I'll just figure it all out while I'm hiking. I'm sure this is a really popular thing to do.

03-25-2008, 18:35
Yeah a lot of thru's do that (I did not). You can finish the JMT down to Happy Isle (?) and end up in the Valley. A lot of people then climb half dome too. You can also just catch a bus or hitch down to the valley to hang and get more town options from Tuolomne. Tuolomne is cool, but not much there for the thru-hiker on a budget except a store and grill.

I recommend some down time in either Mammoth or YV. After finishing the Sierras you'll be pretty wiped, and the Yosemite section isn't exactly a piece of cake.

03-25-2008, 18:59
Follow JMT right into the valley free bus service on valley floor pretty sure there is a climbers camp try to avoid weekends I tried 1/2 dome on July 4 way too crowded went about 1/4 way up and turned around too many crazies!

03-25-2008, 20:56
Yeah, that is the only side trail to the valley that i know of (JMT)
Head there from Tuolumme and then you get a bus (used to be free) back up.
At best guess it's still 20+ miles but a lot of downhill.