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Trail Yeti
10-06-2002, 16:55
Well, I have been "off trail" for about a week and a half now. I miss it dearly. However, I must tell y'all that being able to participate in this forum helps alot. I can share my experiences, and talk to other hikers. So I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me with my "trail withdrawal".
Any other former thruhikers feel this way? Come on folks share your feelings, lets all have a good cry!!! lol

10-06-2002, 18:45
I spent the first third of the summer on the AT, the middle portion moving to Indiana, and the last third out west doing some mountaineering and other hiking. When I got back to Indiana, I had one of the least pleasant times of myself. I wanted to be back out, completely free. Whether roaming the country (or Canada) by car or foot, I missed the open, boundless feeling of travel. Of having the freedom to completely set my own schedule. To lay around by the Illinois river in Oregon or hang out in Tonopah, Nevada. I missed alot of things. These feelings continued until just recently. Doing a couple of 3 day trips and exercising rather harder than usual has helped. I'm calmer and more relaxed now, but still burn, occasionally, to get out of town and on the road (or trail) again.

10-10-2002, 01:36
eventually there will be a specialization in psychology or psychiatry dealing with post trail depression/elation! when I was on Katahdin (on a section hike-I am not a thru-hiker) I met several thru's finishing and mentioned to them that their life would be changed forever and suggested counseling....they all gave me a mean look!

10-10-2002, 06:26
Completing a Thru Hike gives one a Special feeling that is difficult to explain. It set me free from many of the burdens of our everyday Ho Hum lives. It gives one a feeling of confidence that anything can be handled, no matter how difficult it may be.I constantly think of the Trail, and how much happier I am than before. Many things are unimportant to me now, and are hopefully lost forever. Completing a Thru Hike has been Special to me, although it did not make me a Special person. Try it, you will like it.

10-22-2002, 21:25
Thanks for giving me this web site I am finding it interesting. I still haven't found your picture yet. I don't think it is counseling you need but more trail time.

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