View Full Version : my first section hike

double j
03-29-2008, 20:27
well fri about mid day we set out on a hike tn91 to damascus my first section hike rained pretty hard fri. night so we decided to stop and camp double spring shelter and it rained so hard it kept me up all night .so today we toped out around 18 +miles this was a record not bad for someone who doesnt hike alot i thought, jake and tim from tehc are some real great guys extremely nice......oh and the water source at the shelter is nice and flowing strong..............johnny:sun

double j
03-29-2008, 20:35
lol someone drew a smiley face on a bench and a pic of me ....

03-29-2008, 21:54
well you started it! now you'll have to keep doing it. I hiked that last year in june. in the rain from hampton and tree and limbs falling everywhere. slept in double springs and then all the way into damascus. glad to see you're out there. it won't always be raining .......

Cabin Fever
03-29-2008, 23:35
It was a great trip Johnny. That makes three trips in a row that it has rained on me. I am starting to question myself.

03-29-2008, 23:59
Hey good job. That was actually the first section I hiked on the AT way back in the day. So... when are you heading down to Springer? :-?