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03-30-2008, 12:08
Finaly after 3 date changes and a crazy few months I am finally leaving out of springer mt in 7 days on on april 7th wich is also my b-day. I was wondering If anyone knows of a web sight or online map my family can track my progress? Its something that I havent thought about till the last minuite. I thought about ordering one from the atc but its a little late now and I am leavint in 2 days to catch a ride to Dahlonega, Ga.

03-30-2008, 13:00
First of all....Happy Birthday and good luck on your trip. As far as being tracked....there is a (new?) GPS type o' thing that can be linked to a computer website for the fam to track.....and it also has an emergency mode for EMS to find you. Not sure of the brand or name, but I do know you can find it at REI, EMS or the like. They do have them in-store if you're in a hurry.
Hope this helps.

max patch
03-30-2008, 13:10
I like that huge map that the atc sells; they won't have it the first week but they'll have it the next 6 months...

Last year this website had a map which tracked hikers progress. Don't know how to find it but someone here i'm sure can provide the url.

03-30-2008, 17:36
thanks guys I ordered a map from atc and I found a link on google maps for appalachian trail shelters that has the whole thing shelter by shelter.