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03-30-2008, 16:42
Where would I sign up to be involved with Hardcore??

03-30-2008, 16:49
With Bob Peoples, who owns Kincora Hostel.

03-30-2008, 17:19
should i do it before-hand, or wait till TD's?

Tennessee Viking
03-30-2008, 18:02
Bob will probably will not do signups for Hardcore ahead of time. Space is getting more limited because of popularity. There has been cases of people signing up early and not making it back to Trail Days or Kincora leaving available hikers out. So plan on signing up at Damascus.

Sign ups for Hardcore will be done at the ATC tent at the start up of Trail Days. Shuttles to Kincora will begin either Saturday afternoon or early Sunday morning.

If you have your own lodging, or camping other than Kincora; and transportation to the sites, call Kincora and see if Bob will go for it.

The 2008 Hardcore project will be relocating trail just north of Cherry Gap toward Iron Mtn Gap near Unaka Sunday. Then on Saturday we will move to the Grassy Ridge climb, in between Carvers Gap and Stan Murray Shelter, and possibly one near Bradley Gap.

03-30-2008, 19:22
Cool!! Thanks for all the info!!