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Xi Bowhunter
03-31-2008, 14:16
Hello All!

I want to give you a little background on me before I ask my question, so here goes:
I am a non-traditional student (returning to college after years of absence) and I am graduating college from Western Kentucky University in May. I am very excited about this and proud of my achievement, even if I am tooting my own horn.

For my graduation present, I was trying to scrape together enough funds to make it to Alaska for a personal pilgrimage, but that has fallen through sadly. Instead, I am wanting to head back to the smoky mountains to fulfill my personal spiritual pilgrimage. I am traveling alone, with fishing and finding my inner self in mind.

I am hoping to get information of camping and fishing sites in the smoky Mountain National forest, or the Cherokee national forest. I will not be setting foot in a hotel for my trip, as I want the experience to be as natural as our modern society will allow.

I have heard that the fishing and camping is better in the Cherokee National forest... is this true?

Any info you guys can give will help tremendously, as I only have about a month left before graduation.

Thanks guys!

03-31-2008, 14:32
Great SMoky Mtns, being a national park, has strict rules for camping - on a trail, have to stay in shelters (with a reservation), or for camping - at established campgrounds where you pay a fee. National Forests give you more leeway with camping, etc.

Pete Moss
03-31-2008, 14:36
My Dad used to take me up to Little Snowbird in the spring and summer to Trout fish(dry fly), Fontana is obviously good lake fishing. Really depends, what kinda fishing you looking to do?

03-31-2008, 14:41
In GSMNP, I suggest the Lakeshore Trail (part of the Benton MacKaye Trail). It crosses many of the tributaries to Fontana Lake and does follow the lake to some extent. Water level at the lake was way down in the fall (70'!). I hear there are good trout in the streams tho.

There are no shelters on the BMT, but you do have to stay in designated campsites. No fees. Many of the sites are stream-side.

03-31-2008, 14:46
Campsites 74, 64, 56 are along creeks that I would definately go back to.