View Full Version : Aqua Mira and RGP contacts?

01-28-2004, 11:32
You have to use water to clean RGP contacts? I have only had soft contacts, but I am surprised, as even the water in your house would be questionable to trap under you contact against your eye. Could you just carry saline solution to do all the cleaning?

Anyway, my GUESS would be that it is fine (assuming that it is fine to clean them at home) since the chlorine dioxide is the same chemical that many modern US municiple water treatment plants use.

Gravity Man

01-28-2004, 16:05
You clean RGP contacts with a detergent cleaner, then rinse them in water, then use a conditioner (similar to a saline, tear-like solution but thicker) on them before you put them on your eyes.

Wow, complicated! I don't know anyone will be able to answer your question 100%. But it will probably work fine. Of course you could have LASIK before you hike :) I'm having mine done this friday. My wife had hers done three weeks ago. She sees 20/15, which is simply amazing! I hope mine comes out that well!

Gravity Man

03-03-2004, 21:26
I wear gas perm lenses, too. I have cleaned them with water I treated with Aqua Mira while on the trail and had no problems. Hope things go well for you.:sun