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04-10-2008, 16:12
2008 has been a fantastic year in Vermont with great snow, great numbers of Skier visits, and good times had by all. We look forward to the continued improvement of both resort services and experiences. While touring the mountains this season we had gathered videos your favorite lodging, dining, and entertainment stops around the Green Mountains of Vermont.

04-10-2008, 22:09
I cant resist.. Every decent 4000 footer in VT in polluted with a ski area. Great place to wine and dine with the elite, while u smell up the place with ur hiker odors.

I was hikin Long Trail and above the tree line was packed with perfume smelling North face wearing yuppies who took the chair lift up. Man sees me and says to woman.." he must be training for something..carrying that big pack" Chef says " Im hiking the long trail," Them " The what" "the long trail u r standing on it..270 miles from MA border to Canada Border." Confused yuppies.." never heard of it". Smell me as I hike by u idiots.

Lone Wolf
04-10-2008, 22:11
that's a ****ty attitude. bushwhack the next time. do some real hiking

04-10-2008, 22:52
To the OP: I'd like to see this information posted to http://hikinghq.net

( :D )

04-10-2008, 22:53
I ski and I hike. I climbed Stratton twice before I ever skied it. When I climbed it, I was completely unaware of the ski area. Now, Bromley is another story... I hit that summit the night of a meteor shower (August 11?) and it was swarming with hikers. The only time I was aware of ski areas on the AT was at Bromley, Pico, Canon and Wildcat -- and then only briefly. Well, I guess you can't really miss Canon from the Franconia Ridge.

04-22-2008, 19:13
I worked at the ski resort this winter for the first time. I remember Craig Jolley in 1991, who worked as caretaker on the southern Stratton peak referring to the developed half (where he had worked as a snowmaker) as "the evil empire" humorously. There are many of these service jobs that come with some perks.

10-30-2011, 03:08
WHISTLESTOP CAFE AttentionAT Hikers! When you cross Vermont 103 just south of North Clarendon, VT, take adelightful side trip about a mile north to the Whistle Stop Cafe. You can'tmiss it. It is the old Rutland Railroad Station on the right hand side of theroad. Great food, killer breakfasts, and VERY HIKER FRIENDLY. Look in theMinerya Hinchey Shelter or Clarendon Shelter for when they are open or call"Plans To Much". His phone number is in the log book or scrawled onthe shelter wall. I had the hiker's breakfast special, two of everything and barelyfinished it off. Hitching a ride back to the trail head is very easy, you mighteven get lucky and someone at the Whistle Stop will give you a lift up theroad. Happy Trails! Swagman

Papa D
10-30-2011, 07:33
+1 on the Whistlestop Cafe - I stopped by there when I hiked the LT - folded up a whole pizza in a box and strapped it to my backpack - carried it to the Clarendon Shelter! You do know this post is from '08 though, right?