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10-08-2002, 08:17
Hello all.
Some of you might have gotten my email.
Hope to see you around inside my newly creayed IRC AT chat room, on the Dalnet IRC net, chat room #AppalachianTrail
If you want to get into dalnet, you can just go to www.dalnet.com and "enter now" in there (click on the "go" button, and don't press enter), and after getting in the server, write "/join #AppalachianTrail" Hopefully I Will be in the chat room to help you around with IRC if you need to, and more importently, to chat about the trail (and about other stuff) with other hikers!
You can also download an IRC client software, I'd recommend MIRC from www.mirc.com, and use it to log into Dalnet and the chat room.
hope to see you there

10-08-2002, 08:24
Hello Amtrak!!! Glad you joined up. I met you at the Boy Scout shelter on Catawba Mtn back in April. I was hiking with Hammock Hanger. I know you two hiked together for awhile. I'll be hiking with her this weekend at Mt Rogers. Take care.