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01-31-2004, 21:52
What maps should I take on the trail? I've read and heard that the ATC maps are nearly worthless. I won't go into the woods - any woods - without a good map and compass. I've tried Topozone and other sites, but they often have maps updated in approximately 1879. I realize the AT is relocated each year, but mountains don't move, at least very much. So, what maps are actually worth anything? Thanks.

Jack Tarlin
01-31-2004, 22:40

This subject has been extensively discussed here on Whiteblaze; if you do a site search on 'maps" you'll find all sorts of lively threads.

Personally, I think the ATC maps are excellent; I think they're the best Trail maps presently available, and I think everyone should use them. But that's something folks have to decide for themselves.

Saluki Dave
01-31-2004, 22:41
The ATC maps I have for my sections (GA, NC, TN, VA) are quite good. The elevation profiles leave a little to be desired, but I think that would be true of any maps, just because of scale and vertical exageration. I carry the maps for the section I'm on just for safety sake, and because I like studying the topography from overlooks. Not everyone has the map reading skills to make full use of them; on the other hand it's not like you'll have to shoot azimuths to find out where you are. Just follow the little white rectangles.