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04-24-2008, 23:27
From my thru-hiking tips on Whiteblaze.net:

"o) Laurel Fork Campsite - This was one of the best hidden campsites I found on the AT. Just a few miles south of Laurel Creek Lodge the AT follows a creek through a pine forest area and turns up a hill to leave the creek. Just down the creek from where the Trail goes up the hill is a flat tent spot for two tents, right next to a small waterfall with a flat rock out in the stream. I wrote my trail journal entry the next morning while lazing on top of that flat rock, the stream roaring past me on either side just a few feet away. Man, what a beautiful spot that was."

Here's my journal entry that day, written from that stream rock:

May 16 - Laurel Creek Lodge ... in North Carolina-Tennessee
Milepoint 403.9, 37 days since start of hike, averaging 10.9 miles per day

Every so often on the Trail the trees open to exhibit such unspoiled splendor that you stop and soak in the scene, hoping you can remember and take it back with you.

Last night displayed just such a scene.

Blooming white trees on a backdrop of shimmering green, late evening light casting on the treetops, hills with a winding road and sunset covered mountains.

Such magnificence found in the southern Appalachians, probably not much having changed in the scene during the last fifty years.

My campsite last night was truly idealic -- cascading waterfalls, towering rocks across the stream, blue skies fading into sunset, a forest of pine trees with a slight chill in the air.

I'm writing this from the flat boulder at the base of the waterfall, stretched out on my sleeping pad, water swooshing past on both sides. It's early morning now, almost time to leave and head northward again.


Tennessee Viking
04-25-2008, 00:11
Been there a number of times. The pool at Dennis Cove Falls is a good swim. The next creek crossing is a tough one. Its crosses above an old beaver dam with a downed cable, and the water gets about waist deep and the mud is extra deep.

I have gotten back to the edge of Frog Level where Laurel Fork rounds a small meadow. Unfortunately, the trail was extra weedy. And didn't want to walk through it.

I also tried the forest road only to get rained out.

There are really good trout spots back there.