View Full Version : Black Flies - mid June - Presidentials

04-27-2008, 15:18
Usually take 1-2 weeks hiking in the Presidential every year starting in July. However, this year I have a duaghter getting married and need to move this up to eraly June. What would the black fly forecast early to mid June?


04-27-2008, 15:28
Typically, the blackfly season in this area runs from Mother's Day to Father's Day.

In early June you will encounter plenty of blackflies, especially down low. On the ridges, where there is almost always a breeze, the bugs won't bother you.

04-27-2008, 17:23
Roland answered, but let me add: Hungry.

Lost Boy
05-01-2008, 15:17
Yeah they're bad - all i can say is, I hope your not allergic to them like I am.