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04-28-2008, 12:34
Every year I go on a solo hike of about 35 miles+- and try to end up the last nite around 6-8 miles out of town and close to a road of some sort whereas I can have my family (wife and two young adult daughters) shuttled in to meet me for an overnite camp and a hike into town. I originally wanted to stop at Ed Garvey shelter but do not know about the roads close by. Maybe I need to come in from the south. Any advice on starting point, 35+-miles out, and also a road that would be available around 6-8 miles out,with campsite close by, to meet my family? This will be in late Aug. and also looking for the best Bed and Breakfast Inn in Harpers Ferry for us to stay once into town. The tradeoff to get these girls to come hiking with me, is I have to take them to a nice place to stay following the hike. Any advice appreciated.

04-28-2008, 13:19
I know it is longer than your usual 6-8 miles, but the hike from crampton gap MD 572 to Harpers Ferry is about as easy as it gets on the AT. Or try Keys gap from south and stat atDavid Lesser Shelter.

Jack Tarlin
04-28-2008, 14:49
Early Riser had some good advice. Re. places to stay, I'd give a call to Laura Wright at the Outfitters in H.F. who's lived there for years and could answer any of your questions about lodging, meals, etc. Call her at (888) 535-2087.

04-28-2008, 15:29
I'm hiking this section now and stayed at the Town's Inn right next to the outfitter. Good place right in town and the price was right. Problem is with parking, but that is true of all downtown HF. I don't have Karan Townsend's number but it is the Appalachian Pages.


04-28-2008, 16:02
I agree on the Town's Inn. Had a great meal there, and looked in at the rooms about a month ago. Very nice -- perfect for a family treat. The Ed Garvey shelter may be worth the walk 600 feet uphill from the south. Pretty view across the valley, and the shelter is impressive (for those who like shelters...:<).) The walk south into Harpers, after the descent back to Weverton Road, is as mellow as they come. If you stay at the Ensign Cowall Shelter on your hike, pizza from Vince's -- delivered to the road -- is awfully good. 301 824 3939.

Bare Bear
04-28-2008, 16:49
If you hike into Harpers Ferry it is easier than if you hike out of Harpers north. Once you get past Dahlgrens Backpacker campsite where the road is only .2 mile to the Inn where you can get a shuttle ride easily...........then you go on to the I70 crossing, then Ensign Cowell, and another road but all would be harder to get a shuttle as you are getting way away from Harpers Ferry..........

04-28-2008, 18:43
What I will be doing, is getting a shuttle from Harpers Ferry to take me out to my starting point which will be about 35 miles either north or south of HF. I will get the same shuttle company to take my wife and kids out the the meeting point, about 6-8 miles out. Thanks for all advice.