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04-28-2008, 21:23

What would I need to do to prepare myself to hike all the way from Springer Mountain to Woody Gap roughly 22 miles up the trail in one day, when the daylight hours are longest? Can it be done, given the first 10 miles or so are "relatively easy," according to some sources?

Also, what is the fastest time on record for a hiker to finish the Georgia A. T. Section in hours, and in days?

My goal is to finish the Georgia section in as few day hikes as possible, so I will not be encumbered with a full pack. This is why I wonder if the first section can be done in one day, as that is the only one I believe I need to be concerned about.

I have already completed Unicoi to Hogpen, in that direction:eek:; Unicoi to Trey Gap; Neels Gap to Blood Mountain's classic privy, and most of the section from US 76 to NC, but I am not sure how far I got on that day hike, so I will have to do it again to get credit for the patch, certificate, boasting rights, etc.:banana If I need to do a reality check, please let me know. I realize the trail gets harder as you get closer to Woody Gap, so do I need to lose my extra thirty pounds or more to get it done?

I am so glad I kept searching for the right forum, and finally found whiteblaze,net.

Thank you for your feedback.

04-28-2008, 21:36
It's doable, even with a full pack. I've hiked from Woody to ASP in a day and a half with a full pack. Nice hike.

Speed record for GA? I believe Phreak tried to do it in 24 hours. Don't know if he made it but others have probably done it as well. GA isn't too tough if you're in shape.

04-28-2008, 21:40
I'm 51 and I'm confident that I could cover that section in a day, with or without a pack (of course, I'd rather not have to hike much the next day!). The real issue is what sort of shape you're in. You covered almost 16 miles in under 12 hours, so you'll probably have to pick up the pace a bit if you want to cover 22 miles in 14-15 hours of daylight (bring a headlamp just in case!).

04-28-2008, 21:41
I guess you could do this section in one day...... but why? I did the Georgia in nine days..... but I am not a speed hiker. I left Amicalola Falls on a Saturday, and arrived at Woody Gap early on Monday. The Georgia section is not as easy as some on this site state. Going north from the Hawk Mt. shelter you will pass through what is known as Hell's Kitchen. These are some strenous miles.

Dances with Mice
04-28-2008, 21:47
There is no "fastest time on record to finish the Georgia A. T. section" since there are no records.

There is a nice patch and the certificate is 'suitable for framing' and completing Georgia is an accomplishment to be proud of, sure, but boasting rights?! Well OK, yeah, I guess there is. It's further than most people walk.

So if you really want to do this then just toe the line and go for it. There's lots of bail-out places. You can even do it in multiple days without carrying a full pack since the Hiker's Hostel can slack you the entire way.

If you have 30 pounds to lose it's never a bad idea. If setting this goal gives you the motivation you need, use it.

Lone Wolf
04-28-2008, 21:55
there are records. yup.

Dances with Mice
04-28-2008, 21:57
there are records. yup. And they are recorded where?

04-28-2008, 22:09
Thanks for the great ideas, opinions, experiences. Why finish it in day hikes? Reasonable question. I don't have the equipment or time to backpack yet, and still kind of yearn for the comfort of some place like home at the end of a hike, a shower, a pillow, etc. I compared the terrain from Amicalola Lodge to within .5 miles of Springer and back to the Lodge, and the constant ups and downs of the trails overall, especially the last five miles, on the Hike Inn trail, and feel that the first ten miles on the A. T. could make up for the heavy handed terrain I dealt with seemingly forever on that first hike of the season. I am already lighter than I was that day, too.

Lone Wolf
04-28-2008, 22:11
And they are recorded where?

those that care, know

04-28-2008, 22:18
yea, it can be done. Start hiking and do not stop until you are there.

04-28-2008, 22:19
Speed record for GA? I believe Phreak tried to do it in 24 hours. Don't know if he made it but others have probably done it as well.

Skids, I completed the GA section in 22 hours and 11 minutes with a 22 pound pack. It was tough but a lot of fun at the same time.

Dances with Mice
04-28-2008, 22:21
those that care, knowTrailblazer cares but doesn't know...

But I understand what you're saying, it's informal. But when something gets more informal than juggling records (http://www.juggling.org/records/records.html) it's getting awful close to nonexistant.

04-29-2008, 11:43
GATC just did what we call a marathon hike. Folks started at Byron Reese parking lot (just down from Neels Gap) and climbed up to FlatRock Gap on the trail went over Blood Mtn and a few went all the way to Springer. (Some had varying mileages they wanted to cover so we would shuttle at the major gaps). That route is about 11 miles longer than just Springer to Woody. They guy that was the fastest averaged 2.8 miles an hour over the whole thing and completed it before 6:00PM. So it is definitely possible to do -- just gotta be in shape and keep walking!

Jack Tarlin
04-29-2008, 14:55
Well, Wolf, speaking of speed records, if those that care, know, then enlighten us:

What's the record, then, in Georgia?

Seems to me you either don't know, or in truth, don't care. After all, according to your own words, if you cared, you'd know, right? :D

Well, not to worry. Nobody else much cares about these things either.

04-29-2008, 14:57
And they are recorded where?
And verified by who?

04-29-2008, 17:09
Answering the original question; the average hiker at 2.0 mph will take ~10 hrs of hiking to complete the Springer to Woody section.


Nearly Normal
04-29-2008, 18:22
If you want comfort at the end of the day, slack pack it from the Hiker Hostel..........or
test out your sprocket and go for it.
I think it would bust mine.

04-29-2008, 19:10
Nearly Normal said:
f you want comfort at the end of the day, slack pack it from the Hiker Hostel..........or
test out your sprocket and go for it.
I think it would bust mine.

I know what you mean! The middle leg is what I am most concerned about, but I've done harder day hikes, but not quite as long as this one. No fear is required, when an abundance of common sense if liberally applied. This idea may reflect either genius or insanity. But we won't take a poll on that one.

08-01-2011, 17:18
What is the GA. section "unoffical and/or officiall" record? Does Phreak have it?

Del Q
08-01-2011, 20:21
I might have the record for drinking two beers and two shots of Jim Beam at the Doyle............