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05-01-2008, 13:53
I have some vacation time coming up soon. What are your favorite sections (looking for 2-5 days at a time) between the Cal/Or border & Crater Lake? I know I could (and will) buy a PCT guide, but I'm sitting here daydreaming and thought I'd ask:banana

05-01-2008, 13:56
I can't find the edit button..... 15 mile days would be no problem if this helps, Thanks all!

05-01-2008, 15:55
Hmmm, the section between the CA/OR border and Crater Lake is about 130 miles I think. I really liked the section between the border and Ashland (I-5). It is beautiful with a nice sunset or rise-fantastic colors and nice ridgewalking. The hike around Mt. Ashland is cool too, but gets kinda monotonus as you get closer to the interstate.

I found the section from Ashland to CL to be one of the more mundane sections of the entire PCT, but I'm sure I got spoiled. The walking is very easy here and 15 miles/day should be no problem for people of any condition. The area around Mt. Mcloughlin was cool, as are the red Volcanic rock paths. There is another mountain with some rocky exposure that you walk around (which I forget now) south of CL.

The Lake itself is one of the scenic highlights of the entire trail.

Have fun, hope this is somewhat helpful. I don't have the guidebooks with me currently.