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mountain squid
05-02-2008, 18:49
It is almost that time again. For those who don’t know, Hard Core is the Sunday and Monday after Trail Days. It is an opportunity for everyone to get out and work on the AT with the TN Eastman Hiking Club. This year it will be on the 18th and 19th of May. Dinners on Sun and Mon will be provided and lodging will be at Kincora and Braemar Castle in Hampton, TN.

On Sunday at 0930, hikers will be picked up at the Post Office in Damascus and driven to the work site, which will be South of Iron Mountain Gap, TN. On Monday, we will be working North of Grassy Ridge near Stan Murray Shelter. In both areas we will be digging new trail. On Tuesday, current hikers will be transported back to where they got off the trail.

Sign-up for Hard Core will be on Friday and Saturday of Trail Days. Me and Bob Peoples will be at the ATC booth in town. Sign-up early, because the list fills quickly.

If you have a vehicle, we may need your assistance in transporting hikers to and from the work sites and then back to the AT.

Last year we accomplished a lot and had a great time. Hope to see you there.

See you on the trail,
mt squid

mountain squid
05-14-2008, 15:58
Just a reminder - sign-up starts on this Friday.

Additionally, you will need to have your own breakfasts and lunches. We will eat lunches at the work sites, of course. You will also want to bring water/something to drink at the work sites.

We usually have work gloves available. However, sometimes it is difficult to get a matching pair...you might pick up a cheap pair prior to.

If all goes well, hopefully we will be able to blaze and open several new sections this yearhttp://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/happy036.gif...

See you on the trail (and on Fri at Trail Days),
mt squid

05-14-2008, 16:03
Don't think I can get my cardiologist to sign off on Harcore quite yet. Makes me glad I participated in 3 of them over the past years. Hope to see ya'll off at the Post Office on Sunday morning.


Cabin Fever
05-14-2008, 16:33
WOOHOO! I love playing in the dirt. See you there!

Tennessee Viking
05-15-2008, 23:05
Just wanted to get this topic back in recent post listing. Signup starts tommorrow Friday morning. Bob Peoples and Mountain Squid will be working the signup at the ATC booth. Good possibility of it filling up by Friday afternoon so sign up quick.

The schedule is Unaka - Little Bald Knob Sunday. Then Roan - Grassy Ridge on Monday. And free dinners for you hungry hikers and ubber cool patches for your packs. Be sure to bring your gear for camping around Kincora & Dennis Cove and lunches, snacks, & water.

If you are alumni of Hardcore, we wish you to return for more fun and you can help lead some of the groups. If you are new to Hardcore, its a blast. Socialize with your fellow hikers while digging trail. And hang out with the coolest man on trail, Mr Bob Peoples.


Twoby when we get over to Grassy Ridge get ready to play in the mud. The springs are flowing.

05-16-2008, 00:39
question: is there a sign up for hardcore support: like transporting and helping to feed/cook for them?

Tennessee Viking
05-16-2008, 01:30
question: is there a sign up for hardcore support: like transporting and helping to feed/cook for them?

Same place. Check with Bob at the signup. As of right now, I know Chefs Baltimore Jack, Blister Sister, Pat Peoples, & other club members are already cooking up a whole pot of ramen noodles for the bunch...just kidding. I remember some fine good spaghetti last year.

We will also have some people that will have lighter trail maintaining duties. We will have litter pickup, water carriers, first aid, lopping, car guarding duties, and photographers.

mountain squid
05-23-2008, 09:17
Well, the 8th Hard Core has come and gone. Neither gas prices nor the rainy/cold weather deterred anyone’s enthusiasm for digging new trail. A great big THANK-YOU http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/signs153.gifto all who participated. There were approx 120 people who joined together in this endeavor, including approx 90 from the hiker community.

Early Sunday morning, hikers (those who survived Sat night festivities:rolleyes:) were picked up at the Damascus Post Office. Everyone was then driven to the work site. We hiked in about a mile South of Iron Mountain Gap to Little Bald Knob in TN. Despite the rain and muddy conditions, we dug 2000 feet of trail. After painting new blazes, 2 new sections of trail were opened for traffic. Big Daddy and Ipod christened the trail.

Dinner was at The Laurels picnic area. With everyone huddled in the pavilion (there is always room for one more, right?…) to escape the passing thunderstorm, Bob Peoples handed out patches, hats and t-shirts. There were several that received AT Maintainer TN Eastman patches for their accrued hours.

After spending the night at either Kincora Hostel or the Braemar Castle in Hampton, TN, everyone was once again transported back to the work site on Monday. This time we hiked in to Grassy Ridge from Carvers Gap in TN. It was about a 2.5 mile hike over Round Bald and Jane Bald. With the wind blowing it was quite cold http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/gen125.gif(I’m sure more than a few had already sent their cold weather gear home…) As everyone spread out and started swinging pulaskis, they warmed up quickly in the sun. Some incredible rockwork was completed.

This section replaces a steep, badly eroded area. Two sections totaling 1800 feet were opened. There are still several switchbacks to complete down to Stan Murray Shelter.

After gathering all the tools and hiking back to the vehicles, everyone met back at Kincora. While waiting for a spaghetti dinner prepared by Baltimore Jack and a host of others, Mouth read Trivial Pursuit questions (I’m not sure he needed the megaphone…)

The final task for Hard Core was shuttling hikers. On Tuesday, for those currently hiking on the trail, rides were provided to get them back to where they were prior to Trail Days.

Once again, THANK-YOU to everyone involved. The AT wouldn't exist without the VOLUNTEER effort. Hope to see everyone next year and maybe pass out some more patches...VOLUNTEER...VOLUNTEER...

I’ve uploaded some photos into ‘My Gallery (http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/vbg/browseimages.php?do=member&imageuser=8692)’. Check out the rock bridges…

See you on the trail,
mt squid

05-23-2008, 10:06
I did take numerous photos of Hardcore sign-up and departure on Sunday morning at Trail Days, you can find them in my Trail Days collection:

click here (http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/vbg/browseimages.php?do=member&imageuser=271)

I have more, I didn't post them all. If anyone would like them, just email me and I'll send them to you.

[email protected]