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02-05-2004, 03:25
I just got done reading “A journey north” by Adrienne Hall. After reading it I have come to the conclusion that Adrienne hiked the trail for the wrong reason. She even said several times in the book that she did it just to be with Craig. If you are having doubts about being able to complete a thru-hike, then this book will probably have you wanting to abort it.

The further I read on into this book, the more I wanted to close the book and throw it in the trash. But the only reason I continued on reading it was because I was hoping it would get better. I got sick of Adrienne talking/complaining about things. I can count on my hand the amount of good times she seemed to have had. I finished reading the book. I can say it never got any better for me.

Adrienne brought to the book some nice facts and information dealing with hiking along the Appalachian Trail. But I got the impression that this was only fill material to fatten up the book. I think she could have made some of these neat to know items a lot shorter in discussion length. For example I did not care to read 4 to 6 pages explaining everything about salamanders (boring). She seemed to ramble on when doing this. To me it seemed like she was stretching for more material.

She also said somewhere in the book mentioned that people only seem to write about the good things dealing with their thru-hike. That was why she talks about the bad things as well. In my personal opinion I think this is because when a person has a good thru-hike they tend to remember only the good times. When people have a bad hike then they seem to remember mostly all the bad times. I think she should have taken a step back and talked a little more about some of the good times she had.

She has only herself to blame for the bad times. She should have done some homework and planned her start date better, brought warmer gear and researched and planned her trip instead of assuming that all she needed to do was be physically fit.

My overall review, if you want to read a book about things that will discourage you from a thru-hike then this is the book to read. But you have to keep in mind several things. Don’t do what Adrienne did.

1. There are just as many good times as bad times.
2. You have to want to hike for the right reason.
3. Hike your own hike.
4. Your hike is what you make of it.
5. Research and plan your hike ahead of time.
6. You have to want to do it.

This is only my opinion. Others may read it and love it.

02-05-2004, 09:15
There are many great books written about thru-hiking the AT. This isn't one of them.

02-05-2004, 12:06
She drove me crazy with that goddess of the mountain crap!! She said at one point that a woman is connected to the mountains in a way no man could ever be. What a load!! Comes off as little to femmenist for me. Streamweaver

02-05-2004, 12:15
sounds like you guys have just saved me from buying a "bad book" about the A.T. experience!

Thanks! :D

see ya'll Up the trail!

02-05-2004, 13:15
sounds like you guys have just saved me from buying a "bad book" about the A.T. experience!

Thanks! :D

see ya'll Up the trail!

If you want to pay the postage you can have my copy of the book. But it would probably be better if I just throw it in the round file here so no-one else will have to read it.

02-05-2004, 14:17
I disagree, I actually liked the book. I think in some respects she hiked for the wrong reasons, but i think she learned about herself along the way. We all have different opinions about books so dont not read them because of what others think. :cool: