View Full Version : need pack advice

05-07-2008, 13:32
i am going on a backpacking trip to south america (roughly 3 months) and i don't know which pack to get!! i am looking into the Ariel 55, anybody has it?? my main concern with this pack is that it only has a top access and i like it when there is a bottom access as well. any advice?? does it really make a difference to have a bottom access??

Red Hat
05-07-2008, 14:05
Sure, it's easier with bottom access, but that zipper means additional weight. The Osprey Ariel is nice, go for it!

05-07-2008, 19:16
I have the Osprey Ariel 65. It's a great pack and it does have a bottom zipper. That was one of my initial requirements, but in the end, I don't need it. I have been using a pack liner so I have to get everything from the top. Good luck and enjoy your hike.