View Full Version : A walk, Sunday, on the coastal portion, Kennebec River

05-09-2008, 18:33
No big deal. Just a pretty walk along the shore of an ancient "ice" pond in Phippsburg, sponsored by the Phippsburg Land Trust and the Maine Chapter, AMC. We gather at 10 a.m. in a parking lot, a half mile or so off Route 209, the main road through Phippsburg. The parking lot sign will say, Center Pond Preserve, Phippsburg Land Trust.

One of the wisest naturalist working in Maine, Peg Nation, will lead the walk. Me, Weary, aka Bob Cummings, is what AMC calls the co leader. Being the slowest, I'll bring up the rear, making sure no one gets left behind.

But that is very unlikely. Peg will be stopping to show us all the interesting, trees, plants, birds and animals she may see, every little while.

Think of it as a liesurely walk through an amazingly beautiful wild area that shouldn't exist in Maine's oldest town. Yep, we were first settled in 1607. That's 401 yeara ago.

No snow. Only an occasional black fly, (a few arrived yesterday, probably looking for something to eat, while waiting for Katahdin to thaw.) There are still a couple of blowdowns I haven't cut, but we'll sneak around them.

Kids, spouses, significant others -- even mothers -- are all welcome.

Directions are easy. Just find Bath and US Route 1 on a road map. When you reach Bath, those traveling northerly on Route 1 should turn right onto Route 209 in Bath and continue southerly for about six miles. Turn left onto the Parker Head. You'll see a long rambling country store on the right with gas pumps out front at the intersection.

Follow the slow winding Parker Head road through a pretty village a half mile or so until you cross a causeway (Kennebec River on the left, a pond on the right) The parking lot is the second driveway to the right a couple of hundred yards up the hill beyond the causeway.

Those traveling southbound on Route 1 get off at the downtown Bath, Phippsburg, Popham Beach exit and take a left on Washington Street as you cross the Railroad tracks. WAshington Street merges with 209 after a couple of miles.

No need to register, just show up. I won't be around most of tomorrow to answer questions, I've got to go to a party that a mother is throwing for my neice, who finally passed the bar exam at age 44 or thereabouts. Well, what do you expect. She has Cummings genes and we like to take things slow and easy.

But send any questions along anyway. I'll be back home by early evening.

Email is [email protected]

Phone is: 207 443-2925