View Full Version : no business knob shelter

05-09-2008, 19:04
Is there a usfs road that leads up into this area. Or is the AT north or south the only way to reach this area.

05-09-2008, 19:29
No forest service roads near No Business Knob Shelter. It is a nice climb going north. A little whinedy and up hill from the Erwin side. Get water along the trail before reaching the shelter.

Tennessee Viking
05-09-2008, 21:33
There is an old timber road or unmaintained Forest Road that runs below the shelter. It runs from Unaka Springs, just past Uncle Johnnys to the backside of Flattop Mtn. Last I heard, its in horrible shape. The shelter is not easily accessed from the road directly either. My club used to hike it to reach the shelter. Now we access the shelter taking Temple Hill Gap trail from the now USFS 107 road at Unaka Springs, or hiking in from Flattop.