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Settlers Museum
05-11-2008, 14:49
The Settlers Museum believes in Trail Magic! The AT cuts right through the museum grounds, passing directly in front of the Lindamood Schoolhouse, which thanks to AT hikers is the most visited one room school house in the nation.

There is a hikers registry in the Lindamood school. Please sign the registry. It's a great way for the museum to keep track of how many visitors pass our way, and another way to let people know you're doing all right.

There's always fresh water available in the Lindamood school. The jugs are there for especially for you, so please help yourself. Also, we try to provide fresh fruits and veggies in season, coffee when we can, and general good will and help for all who pass through.

Admission is always free of charge for hikers. We do like to barter for services sometimes, and have made many friends that way. So stop on in and learn a little about the amazing area your hiking through!
See you soon-
Director, Settlers Museum