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Former Admin
10-08-2002, 21:57
Comments, experiences, opinions, good or bad related to Fontana Hostel.

10-09-2002, 07:33
What's the Fontana Hostel? I thought the choices here were either the "hilton" or the Fontana Inn.

10-09-2002, 08:42
I, too, don't know of a hostel in Fontana Village. The Fontana Hilton is pretty swanky, though. Took my first bath there on my trip, right in the mucky waters of Fontana Lake.

10-09-2002, 15:31
The Fontana Hostel is located in the Fontana Village. Call from the Dam and someone from the Outfitter shop will come and pick you up for a Dollar. Take you to register, then to the Hostel, located up the hill from the old cafeteria. The Hostel is a referbished cabin with a number of bunk rooms, large kitchen, with all the things you need,except food. Has a large dining room. Sleeps about 20 hikers. I think I paid $16 in 2000.Theres an AYCE Buffet on the property, P.O., laundry, small store, and of course. Ice Cream Shop!The Hostel was exceptionally clean when I was there. I highly recommend this Hostel, but there are also other good choices in the same area.

The Weasel
10-09-2002, 18:40
Although not strictly related to the hostel, this comment isn't really for "Trail Towns" either, since Fontana isn't really a "town"...

The AYCE is at the Hotel/Lodge. It is VERY worthwhile, as it isn't your usual "Shony's Cholestorol and Fatback Heaven" type of AYCE: Good food, tablecloths, good servers, all in all probably among the nicest places to eat out that you'll find on the Trail. BUT...THIS IS A CLASS JOINT: They are very used to thru hikers, and very supportive. But you really must take a shower before dining there. The county is dry, by the way, so don't expect alcohol, and be VERY wary of shuttlers to and from the Fontana Hilton who will offer to buy you a six-pack for 10 or 20 bucks. You can get busted big time.

The Weasel