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Kozmic Zian
02-08-2004, 00:14
There was the time that me and Pyro and No Sweat pulled into the Wildcat Shelter above Greewood Lake in NY state, when we met the Infamous Ward Leonard. Now, I don know how many o' yous has met up wid dis individual on Da Trail...but he's built quite a rep in da years gone by, he has. Sos, we're making the blue blaze up to da' shelter and we hear dis, like party goin on....I mean lots o' people jammin' and rappin and stuff. Laughter, womens voices and da lot. Sos Pyro looks at me and I looks at him and we says, wow, like lets go man, sounds like a party! Sos we quicken our steps an hustle on up to da shelter...Now when you get up to it, Da Trail comes in from da rear and side sos you cant make out da front, or who dare. Well, I'll tells ya, my teefacis dropd out o' my heads when I saw what I saw....Pyro guffed and I huffed. No Sweat bow her pretty head to keep from Laughin' out loud......cause there was no one dare, but one guy, sittin' pretty as you would as do nothin' was happnin. Well, I never...! I was so flusterd...So da guy looked kinda strange an all, did't do to much talkin' dat nite do. Sos....I figurd he wadn't all dare....needless to say. We laughed long into da day, an Ward Leonard was in an out o' da hike to da Frirey upstate. Sos...If yas ever hear some strange hootin' and hollerin' up Da Trail in da woods ahead....Yous might assume ita be Ole' Ward up dare doin' his ting tryin' to Jack Folks UP................'Tales O' Da Trail' by Kozmic Zian.........................................

08-16-2006, 15:06
Watch out for the 'squitoes. We had a trail guide that said that Wildcat boasts a pump that has "never failed," but when we got there the pump was gone! The cement base is still there; it sits at the top of the site's spring which is perfect for filtering - if the bugs don't get you!

08-17-2006, 07:38
I remember having to nudge the frog out of the puddle to get water there at that spring last summer....

Gray Blazer
08-17-2006, 11:31
Koz....are you like the Uncle Rheemus of the AT?

08-27-2006, 09:10
Anybody know what the water situationis like these days? I should be passing through there next weekend.

07-21-2008, 11:19
Very dry this weekend .. just a bit more than puddle.

06-22-2009, 21:48
Stopped here for lunch on a day hike in April between NY 17A and West Mombasha Road. Please note that this is the only legal camping spot between Wawayanda Shelter (last one in NJ NOBO) and Fingerboard Shelter in Harriman State Park. This is a distance of 26.3 miles; people doing long hikes in the area should plan accordingly. The shelter is plain, with just a flat floor, but clean and pretty well maintained. You could probably get 8 in there comfortably and 10 if you squished. It's a bit off the trail, but the path is easy to follow, even with the ground covered in leaves as it was during our visit. The spring wasn't real strong there even in the beginning of April, so I suspect it generally doesn't last long in the summer (though this year might be an exception!) There weren't a lot of obvious camp sites, but I suspect if you looked harder than we did you could find more. I still bet it fills up pretty quick, though. There is a composting privy, which has "The Cathouse" written on the front door. :rolleyes: There is also a new bear box, which is secured by a metal rod bent in a square shape. I doubt very much that the bears could get it out; however, it might be too fiendish even for people to get in and out. I tried, and couldn't quite get it. It's up on the top of the ridge, so in winter it probably gets pretty cold.

01-19-2010, 01:26
Spent the night of 1/17/2010 at the Wildcat shelter.
Shelter, privey, and bear box are all in good condition.
The day we hiked in it was pouring rain and there are no leaks in the roof to report. The one thing the shelter could use is a good sweeping but there wasn't a broom to be found.

08-02-2010, 22:44
In there today for a day hike; dispensed some magic to a couple of weary thru's and then packed a bunch of trash out....broken beer bottles and burned up cans. Next time back I'll take the season's worth of crap out of the bear box. Nice shelter. Somewhat off the path but it looked solid and dry. Enjoyed reading the trail journals. :)

08-03-2010, 23:22
Hiked in to drop a couple of gallons of water; hiked out with twelve empty busch lite cans. :eek:

10-18-2010, 11:04
stayed at wildcat 10/2/2010 shelter was in good repair and due to the rain in the region water was NOT a problem!!! Privy isn't well blazed but is in good repair. LOTS of tent sites!

didnt see any bear etc. there is a box however the latch is broken and not sure the jerry rig would keep a bear out of the box!

Don H
10-19-2010, 08:30
Hiked in to drop a couple of gallons of water; hiked out with twelve empty busch lite cans. :eek:

At least they were lighter packing out than packing in;)

03-31-2011, 19:35
I spent last night at this shelter. My daughter and I were the only ones there. Built a nice fire in the ring, privy was clean, we used the bear box, heard some animal sounds during the night, I think fox. This was a good shelter, great condition but nothing special, except after hiking 14 miles I hated climbing those 3 or 4 little steps up to the platform.....just a little whining then I got over it. :o

02-20-2012, 18:22
Stayed the night there last night. There was all sorts of beer cans and wine bottles in the fire pit. I also hiked out with almost two garbage bags full of other trash that was dumped about 20 yards from the shelter. Other than that it was a nice place to spend the night.

02-20-2012, 18:30
Stayed the night there last night. There was all sorts of beer cans and wine bottles in the fire pit. I also hiked out with almost two garbage bags full of other trash that was dumped about 20 yards from the shelter. Other than that it was a nice place to spend the night.
thanks for hauling out the trash! and welcome to WB :-)

11-18-2013, 17:22
I try to leave an update whenever I stop by a shelter and get to see the conditions. The shelter is dirty and muddy- no broom to try to clean it up. Garbage in fire pit. Privy is pretty full and has food and non-toilet paper products in it. Shame to see how people leave the shelter. If I come back through any time soon I'll be bringing an extra bag to try to help out.

Thankfully there is plenty of tent space!

11-18-2013, 18:52
I was there 2 weeks ago, hauled out a bag of trash myself..

01-30-2015, 07:37
I'm heading out here this weekend; first trip for my Hammock Backpackers Meetup Group.

11-30-2015, 01:47
My first official hike was this saturday. Hiked up from 17A Warwick trailhead and camped out in the Wildcat shelter area overnight. I forgot to see how the spring was doing as i got my water from a small stream about .6 miles south of the Wildcat. Here's a few pics of the area.

Fire was still smoldering when i arrived...


The privy...

This looked like a decent spot to set up my shelter...


09-15-2016, 22:43
Had lunch at the Wildcat shelter today. Packed out a small bag of litter that I gathered and cleaned trash out of the fire pit. Perfect day to clean house. As much as I love a good privy (um, well, not really,) I resisted checking it out because, really, there was just no need.

Cedar Tree
09-16-2016, 07:42
Kosmic Zion----what a blast from the past. I met him on my thru. Anybody know anything about him these days? He hasn't posted here in 10 years.
Cedar Tree

Knee Jerk
01-03-2018, 21:54
An update on Wildcat Shelter: As of early December, 2017, the shelter is fairly clean but the spring has suffered some damage as the small rock wall it trickled out of was torn apart. Yes, there was previously a pump at the spring site but I have been told that someone complained that they got sick drinking out of it and the pump was pulled out by the NY/NJ TC folks. A large tree fell on the privy this fall but it was quickly cut away. The privy suffered some roof damage but was relocated over the pit and it should be fixed by springtime. People continue to throw garbage in the fire ring and leave trash in the food box but it get cleaned out fairly quickly by the local Cub Scouts.

Gambit McCrae
01-04-2018, 09:26
I stayed here in October on my 16 day trip. Water was dry and Privy out of order. Nice tenting spots though.