View Full Version : Field & Stream 40 deg Sleeping Bag

05-14-2008, 15:21
Over the winter I picked up a Field & Stream 40 deg mummy bag at Dick's, it packs very small and it is pretty light, at the time I paid $59.99 for it. A couple weekends ago my son wanted to go backpacking with me, so I went to pick one up for him, and they are now (on sale?) for $39.99.

This bag kept me and my son cozy a few weekends ago, temps dropped down to the low 40's at night.

I can't find this bag anywhere on the net, or even on Dick's website. But if you are looking for a lightweight, small summer bag, I think this bag is a great deal.

05-14-2008, 19:14
I have this bag, got it at dicks also for 40. IMO its torture getting it back into the stuff sack it came in, but otherwise seems decent. I got a big agnes now, so its moving on to my buddy.

05-15-2008, 10:54
After a few times practicing, I can get it back in the stuff sack with no problem, but my father ended up ripping his stuff sack. The trick is to not rush and roll it REALLY tight with the top sides folded over. :)