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TJ aka Teej
02-09-2004, 00:04
Saw a post on the at-l that said the deadline for entries in the A.T. Museum logo contest is coming soon!

Here's my entry, it's supposed to be a trail sign nailed to a tree:


If you think you can do better, please enter the contest!
If you can't, please email Henry and tell him how fabulous my entry is :D

> A.T. Museum Logo Designs Wanted

> The Appalachian Trail Museum committee is accepting designs for an
> Appalachian Trail Museum logo.
> Guidelines for the design.

> 1. It should include a component that implies the "AT".

> 2. Ideally, it should include a component that implies "museum".

> 3. All components must be easily identifiable when the logo is reduced
> to a small size, as it will be used on a letterhead.
> 4. The deadline for entries is February 29, 2004.

> A prize of a cap with the logo will be awarded to the author of the
> selected design. In addition, the original submission will be displayed
> in the museum.
> So, put on your thinking caps and start designing!
> Submit designs to:

> Email [email protected]

If you need a snail mail addy for your submission, email me at [email protected]

The A.T. Museum website is at: www.atmuseum.org (http://www.atmuseum.org)

02-12-2004, 04:32
Will Wingfoot be curator of said museum?