View Full Version : Bug Situation in NJ

05-15-2008, 09:48
Im from Central/South Jersy, and am headed to the AT next week, and i was wondering if anyone had a report of how the skeeters are up in North Jersey? Trying to decide I i want to shelter camp for my trip, and if i want to bring a tent or not.

Time To Fly 97
05-15-2008, 09:58
Report from the Narth: May Flies and Skeeters are out in force at dusk, but not bad at all during the day.

Happy hiking!


05-15-2008, 11:56
At night also, or ok to sleep without netting?

Time To Fly 97
05-15-2008, 12:41
Not bad at night at all. Still getting down to 50s.

Happy hiking!


jersey joe
05-15-2008, 12:43
The gnats are much worse than the skeeters at this point...

05-15-2008, 13:22
Ticks, ticks, and more ticks.

05-15-2008, 14:48
Land ofthe ticksm home of the closed state parks.

05-15-2008, 22:16
The gnats are much worse than the skeeters at this point...

Couldn't agree more. I was out a few weeks ago and my face was loaded with gnats for like 3 hours straight. I'm sure it has only gotten/getting worse and the weather gets warmer.

05-15-2008, 22:56
Blue, you still headed to that thru next year?

Bob S
05-16-2008, 00:01
Three words to memorize

Tent DEET and Permethrin.

Bare Bear
05-16-2008, 00:49
I saw three mosquitos tie down a rat and feast til dawn............
and I thought Fl was bad until I got to NJ.

jersey joe
05-16-2008, 14:28
The boardwalk through the swamp is especially bad in NJ...It was here that I learned just how useless a tee shirt is against mosquitos.