View Full Version : Neels Gap / Walasi-Yi Center

SGT Rock
09-03-2002, 21:36
I really enjoyed the 1/2 day I spen there. It is great to have a place so convinient to wash and re-stock.

I especially like the fact they have an experienced hiker there that go through someones pack and give them real tips on what they can lighten up on. I didn't need it, but I happen to hike in with a couple of guys that did. It was amazing how good the guy was - he did suggest some gear they carried to help, but he obviously was trying to help because he didn't try to sell the most expensive stuff, often reccomending simple stuff like iodine pills or do it yourself stoves.

I think hikers could benifit by visiting there first, but maybe it is a good thing many hikers have a few days of backpacking torture before they get there so that they are more receptive to the advice.

Besides that - good mail drop, or place to mail off things. They have the major trail guides and books on backpacking. Good resupply, but not the best. Resonable price on laundry and showers. The hostel wasn't open yet last summer, but I hear it is now. They also have a used books section that is perfect if you finished your papaerback and want to swap out for another for a resonable price.