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02-09-2004, 17:31
Doing section hike SOBO from NY17A to Delaware Water Gap March 02 - 07 and am interested in getting informaiton about trail conditions, water sources, and shelters. Am also interested in getting a shuttle for two from Delaware Water Gap to 17A.

02-09-2004, 17:51
Thats a very nice section you've got planned. You'll start out with some rougher terrain south of 17A with some great views toward Greenwood Lake and the Hudson Highlands. The terrain will get easier from there with the exception of climbs and descents on Wawayanda and Pochuck Mtns. You'll hit some rocks by High Point Monument but the terrain flattens out for the most part. I'd say the Trail could be a bit muddy from all the snow that New York has had this winter. There is a good chance there could be snow on the Trail depending if they get a late winter storm. I'd say you'll be fine for water. Make sure to carry an up to date companion or handbook which has tips and advice for how to get water in this section, which can sometimes be a little more complicated than simply "spring in front of shelter". Enjoy, this is a sweet section. You should have the trail to yourself

jersey joe
02-09-2004, 17:54
Right now there is almost a foot of snow on the trail here. In a month, who knows...(i believe the groundhog saw its shadow)

02-09-2004, 18:44
This weekend, Inkblot and I hiked nobo from NJ 23 to NJ 94. There is still alot of snow at the higher points in NJ. High Point, Pochuck Mtn, and Waywayanda Plateau still all have 18"+ drifts from the snow this winter. It made for the toughest day of hiking I have ever had with day one being 14.1 miles postholing in the snow :D . Inkblot and I took turns every mile or so breaking snow. There has been a bunch of storms so far in NJ this winter. I would expect at least some snow still on the trail in areas that do not get good exposure to the sun.

Last year I was hiking sobo the 1st weekend in March from Rt 17a to NJ94 and there was still alot of snow on Bearfort ridge overlooking Greenwood Lake. There were certain areas of trail that had minor flooding from all the snowmelt.

Good luck on your section, I think you will find Jersey "different" from what you expect.