View Full Version : Hiker Update

Mad Hatter 08
05-17-2008, 22:22
Recieved a call from Glo-worm (AT Thru 2006, Springer to Damascus 2008) He and JB (also class of 06) are in Wrightwood and doing good. Got pizza and beer and someone did his laundry for him (brave person). He is going to be heading out in the morning.

Mad Hatter 08
06-17-2008, 21:58
Finally heard from Glo-worm again today but missed the call. Message says he is in Bishop, CA for a few days with a foot injury. Will update as soon as I know more

Mad Hatter 08
06-19-2008, 04:17
So got to talk to glo-worm and he had a blister under a callous and it got infected so he was off the trail for a few days but headed out from Bishop today.