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steve hiker
02-10-2004, 12:27
You know a couple nights ago I had a dream about the A.T. in the future. But you know, it might not have been a dream at all. I may have been seeing into the future …

It was I’d say, maybe 20 years from now, 2020s sometime. It was on the Georgia section of the A.T., in spring or summer. The trail was much wider then and worn looking, and there weren’t as much woods or bushes around the sides as now. And lots of people were on the trail, in groups and crowds. Well over 1,000 people easy on the stretch I saw on that bright sun shiny day.

By then, the A.T. was a household word and people headed out in droves during the warmer months. Corporations sponsored all kinds of outings on the A.T. all the time, lots of Hoodz In the Woodz groups and all kinds of people were there. There were vendor stands by the side of the trail selling food from buildings with lots of shade to stand under and cool off, people were carrying plastic soda bottles and day chairs, kind of like a parade crowd or festival.

Then I saw this girl from Philly I knew, she was about to head down a side trail that was lots less used than the A.T. cause all the people used the A.T. all the time but didn't go down the rabbit trails very much. And I followed her down this trail down a gully, through these rocks and it went down and curved this way and that, down and away from the thongs of people up above.

And we came to these restrooms by the trail and I had diarreah, and the girl said there’s these anti-diarreah pills in a slot in the soap dispenser tray. So I opened it up and yes there was a pill there, but it was all grody and moist and sitting on part of a bar of soap like it had been there awhile. So I was thinking about getting a fresh anti-diarreah pill from the vending machine at the front of the restroom.

Then we were back up on the A.T. and most of the crowds had gone back toward the exit ramps but there was a few hanging back and this kid said he’d take our picture. Then I woke up.

Do you think the A.T. will be like that in 20 or 30 years, it really was depressing maybe that’s why I got upset diarrhea
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02-10-2004, 12:43
As long as the majority of America continues to be overweight, lazy, t.v. watching couch potatoes that like to order biggie fries and burgers, you won't have to worry about the A.T. being overrun by people. They are too lazy to organize "group" trips. Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and other easily accessible parks are in more danger of this.

Fortunately, most of the A.T. is not very accessible to vechicles and if you don't like to exercise, sweat or get dirty, you won't stray far from the car.

What the A.T. is in danger of are developers, bringing up the roads, houses and yuppies and restricting use of it by everyone else. Don't think a gated community up in the mountains is impossible; and hikers, taking her for granted.

One Leg
02-10-2004, 16:54
'bout a year ago. Right before I went to bed, I took some nyquil because I was all stuffed up. Then, I went to take my BP meds, but got them confused with the No-Doz. So, after taking Nyquil & No-Doz, I dreamed all night that I couldn't sleep... :datz

steve hiker
02-10-2004, 18:16
But what I wanna know is, will that Philly gurl be as cute 20 years from nwo as she was in my dream and will she still want me to run down a rabbit path with her.