View Full Version : Major new article out on the NCT

05-21-2008, 20:50
From the NCT mail group [email protected]:

If you haven't seen the new issue of Backpacker magazine yet, there is
about a five page feature on the North Country Trail as "America's Next
Great Long Trail". It gives highlights of the trail from North Dakota
to New York and recommendations on planning for a thru hike. Good to
see the NCT is finally gettng a little recognition! If you didn't know
better, based on publicity, there are only three trails in the National
Scenic Trail system: ATC, Continental Divide, and Pacific Crest. Oh,
make it four: there's a lot of articles about the John Muir trail in

--Rob Burg

05-22-2008, 08:12
It's good the NCT is getting publicity. There was a very good article from the Cleveland OH newspaper that got picked up by the whiteblaze spiders too.

Thought it was strange that the BP article lumped the PA NCT section under "Finger Lakes Trail" then in highlights in NY indicated the Old Erie Canal :confused: instead of the waterfalls and gorges near Ithaca (that also happen to be shared by an alternative route back to the A.T. from the GET).