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Dances with Mice
05-22-2008, 09:09
So I get a call at work that basically said "Got your passport? Good! You're going to the Czech Republic" and a lot of other stuff about near-line infrared analysis of ultraviolet inhibitor additive levels, that kind of stuff. OK, no problem, all part of the job. Time to dust off the suitcase.

And I realized that the first thing I did after getting out the suitcase was to get out my backpack and transfer some items: My rain jacket, knit cap, water bottle, flashlight, Micra, spoon, pen, notebook, bandanas and first aid kit went into the case. I check luggage; usually I only carry on a daypack and, in this case, the company laptop so the Micra's ok. Separate toiletry kits between the pack and suitcase, but they're pretty similar and I do take a little container of Dr. B's soap. A French Press I sometimes carry comes out of the gear box, I'll pack my own stash of Community Coffee New Orleans blend with chickory. The compass goes because too many times I've walked around a strange city with a local map trying to find a marked intersection so I could orient myself and wished I had a compass. The camera and iPod will go too, of course.

Add a few clothes and, yeah, some juggling balls for entertainment and I'm ready to rumble. I could put it all in a daypack but the steel toed shoes, safety glasses and hearing protection take up too much room.

So what from your backpack also goes into your leisure / business trip luggage?

05-22-2008, 09:26
So what from your backpack also goes into your leisure / business trip luggage?

Good topic. I always have my headlamp; I leave it on the night stand next to the bed both at home and when traveling. I've had one too many fire alarms in hotels....

First aid kit, water bottle, small swiss army knife (only if I can check a bag), rain shell, pretty much everything you listed.

Lightweight backpacking tends to change one's whole outlook on travel. I can handle many weeks of foreign travel on one small carry-on bag now.

05-22-2008, 12:41
Raided the gear closet too when traveling recently - first aid kit, rain shell, windshirt, syn underwear, headlamp, nyl pants, some emergency stuff, dried fruit.

05-22-2008, 12:46
Apparently $25 cash if flying American... :rolleyes:

Frolicking Dinosaurs
05-22-2008, 13:18
She-Dino confesses to having two travel sets of everything - one for regular travel and one for backpacking. The set for regular travel weighs more and is more fashionable / socially acceptable.

He and She Dino have separate personal supply pouches that are stand-alone - meaning duplicate supplies exist - in suitcase version. The first aid / personal supply bag for backpacking contains shared items. The normal travel bags stay in our suitcase and are replenished after each trip. He-Dino even has an extra electric razor for his after having forgotten it one too many times. We travel a lot so it is very convenient not to have to raid the bathroom time after time to collect all our stuff for trips.

Most of my hiking clothing is dedicated to hiking alone - I only take it on regular trips if hiking is involved. I have enough wicking, breathable easy to pack / non-wrinkling clothes in my regular wardrobe to pack easily without raiding the hiking gear. My royal blue silnylon poncho just doesn't go with most of my 'town' clothes :D so I have a go ol' London Fog trench coat for rain and wind protection - with a zip-in liner as needed for cold. It has a small folding umbrella (http://www.ebags.com/samsonite_umbrellas/ultra_mini_flat_lightweight/product_detail/index.cfm?modelid=13794&productid=54217&sourceID=MSNSHOPP), a keytag-size LED light, and a pair of dress thinsulate gloves (http://leatherglovesonline.com/pages2/wd2a2-gr4059.htm) in the pocket. A a pair of overshoes (http://www.footsmart.com/P-Tingley-Executive-Boot-Men-81007.aspx) completes my outerwear needs.

River Runner
05-22-2008, 15:35
Nothing from my backpack goes in my suitcase.

I have a whole 'nother set of things like flashlights, first aid kits, mini-lantern, essential meds, toiletries etc. that stay packed in the suitcase.

max patch
05-22-2008, 15:55

My backpacking gear is all in one place. Makes going on a hike a whole lot easier and quicker.

Started doing this after my wife and I went on a weekend trip and I forgot our tent. No biggie, we stayed at a shelter instead. If the shelter had been full we would have just kept on going to our car.

05-22-2008, 17:19

So what from your backpack also goes into your leisure / business trip luggage?

Above all, a headlamp, with a set of extra batteries if it's a long trip. I don't have to depend on someone else providing adequate light to be able to read to pass the time. :)

If I think I might have the chance to do some actual significant walking during my trip, especially off-pavement, then the shorts, gaiters, hiking shoes, hat, windbreaker, miniature compass, and gloves go in.