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05-22-2008, 16:39
This is a brief, photographic description of how I avoid pulling my bladder out of the pack.

I have a Hiker Pro, and an MSR bladder that is difficult to unstuff and stuff back in a loaded pack.

I put a quick connect between the bladder and the mouthpiece, a couple of inches up from the mouthpiece.
http://whiteblaze.net/forum/vbg/files/1/5/3/4/5/bladder_and_pump.jpg (http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/vbg/showimage.php?i=24940&original=1&c=newimages&cutoffdate=1)

The mouthpiece allows me to do the normal sip thing. Removing it allows me to put water somewhere else (dog dish, toothbrush, etc.) My filter also connects to it via the quick-connect. When the quick-connect on the filter end is disconnected, I can pump straight into other things (bottle, dog dish, etc.)
http://whiteblaze.net/forum/vbg/files/1/5/3/4/5/connector_closeup.jpg (http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/vbg/showimage.php?i=24941&original=1&c=newimages&cutoffdate=1)

I still pull the bladder out when the pack is not loaded (at camp, etc.) but this is an easy way to leave it in place during the day.


05-22-2008, 17:04
Very nice, where did you get the connectors?

05-22-2008, 18:27
I just got the connectors for my Camelbak today. I am looking forward to filtering directly into the bladder. It;s going to be much better I imagine.

Sailor (The other one)
05-22-2008, 18:30
That's excellent. Thanks.

Cherokee Bill
05-22-2008, 18:34
:-? EXCELLENT POST, short, too the point, with excellent graphics. Where do we get the connectors???????? :D

05-22-2008, 18:53
I got mine with my Katadyn Hiker Pro. But, camelbac makes them too. REI http://www.rei.com/product/695526?vcat=REI_SEARCH $7.00 has a shut off on it, too.

I saw Katadyn quick connectors in Travel Country, Alamonte Springs, FL. Never really looked for them, don't see them online.


05-22-2008, 21:55
I would filter into my stomach. Filtering into the bladder is kinda counterproductive, n'est pas? :)

05-23-2008, 09:16
Platypus (http://www.platypushydration.com/product_detail.aspx?ProdID=33) sells the connectors through some distributors. You can also get them from U.S. Plastics (http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=USPlastic&category%5Fname=6917&product%5Fid=8429) (Item 60466 is the male insert and 64648 is the female connector). :cool:

05-23-2008, 13:15
Mine is set up this same way. Works Great.

05-23-2008, 14:16
yes katadyn PRO comes with the adapters the hiker is the same model but it doesnt come with the cleaning kit or adapters i believe